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Our trails cover more than 120 miles, connecting with Bo-Boen Tribe, Cross Country Cruisers, Hodag Sno Trails, Forest Riders, Northwoods Passage, and Northern Trails Unlimited.

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The area got about 7 inches of fluffy snow. We will try to get a base packed down again, but in a couple days it is suppose to hit 40 degrees. Spring snow does not make good base material, it seems to melt faster than the first snow we get in the fall. Trails won't stay smooth very long. With the sun higher in the sky the snow will melt faster. The ground also has become unthawed on parts of the trails so the snow will melt faster in those spots. There is also some water in low spots on the trails from the melt down last week. Take it easy, ride on the right , stay safe. Happy sledding!!

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