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 Same old story, waiting for snow! There is not much snow on the trails, maybe two to five inches. That of course will pack down to maybe an inch at most which is not much to work with.  No big storms in the forecast, just a few flurries now and then. Trails are open, ride a little easy till you get used to your sled again. Very icy under the little snow we do have and dirt starting to show up on the corners already. Have a safe ride if you do go out.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to all the land owners for letting us use their land for a great trail system! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Sledders just a reminder we (the clubs) only have a 16 1/2 foot wide easement across their land, not all over the place so please stay on the marked trail.

New-Tom Sno Fleas * P.O. Box 45* Lake Tomahawk * WI * 54539