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Our trails cover more than 120 miles, connecting with Bo-Boen Tribe, Cross Country Cruisers, Hodag Sno Trails, Forest Riders, Northwoods Passage, and Northern Trails Unlimited.

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The Season Is Underway!

 We did get about three inches of snow on Monday and that helped freshen up the trails some, we still could use a good six inches more.The warm temps are great for riding but the trails get pounded out in short order so after only a few hours the trail looks like it has't been groomed in a week. We are doing our best but with the temps just about freezing the trails don't get a chance to freeze very hard. We do need snow, there are bare spots showing up as the heavy traffic is taking a toll on the trails.  Cooler temps forecast for the weedend and next week. Ride safe!   We are having problems of sledders riding off trail. Mainlly under the power line off River Rd. That is privite land folks and it belongs to the Matoon Hunt Club. They bring their kids and grand kids out to side down the hills behind their cabin and sledders zoom through their property "off trail". We do have part of our trail on their land but the trail does not go under the power line. So please stay on the " marked trail" or they have the right to close their land to the trail we do have. So please stay on the "marked trail" or we may loose what we do have.

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